//Hey guys! So Lent is over and Mun is back! *yay!*

But I won’t be on that much still, because school and this weekend (EASTER) is veeeery busy. But I will stop by to answer some asks later!

Buuuut I may not use gifs right away, because while I was away, my computer needed to be completely wiped…Leaving me without any images on my computer… SO yeah!

Thanks for hangin with me guys, and I’ll be seeing you guys around soon!!! :D


Pepper Mun <3

She’s off the phone now and walking over here.


Probably my cue to go.



It’s been twenty minutes and she hasn’t told me to log out yet. I could be terrible here.


What are you doing on Pepper’s account?

And answer honestly, for the love of God.

She’s been busy. So I’m telling everyone that she’s busy. Easy as that.



It’s been twenty minutes and she hasn’t told me to log out yet. I could be terrible here.


"Oh, good grief, not another alternate me.”


I’ll just go before this gets weird and paradoxy.


It’s been twenty minutes and she hasn’t told me to log out yet. I could be terrible here.




So I have to do something to help out my grades. I’ve been struggling with my classes this semester more than any college semester I’ve had thus far, so I need to do something about that.

I will be on a mini-hiatus from March 5th, 2014 until April 13th, 2014.

This does not mean I will be leaving for good, I’m angry, or my blog won’t be active.
I will have my queue posting about 7 times a day, as well as some scheduled posts from your truly to hopefully give you guys a smile while I’m gone. I will also have some of my friends that have tumblrs log onto my account and give you updates or a “hi” from me. :)

I will still be on my other social networking sites though! In case you need them, they are on my blog, but they are also here, as follows:

Snapchat: Kikithegirl
Vine: Kikithegirl
Twitter: JustForLaughs16 
Instagram: Kiikiithegirl

Those of you I talk to most may ask me for my skype~
I will answer on those platforms for the time I will be gone.

(For those of you who maybe care enough to read this far, I am doing this for Lent. I need the time to not only work on my studies, get back/deeper in my faith, and take a break from the tumblr community.)

I love you guys; you’re all my friends, and even like my extended family! Thank you so much for sticking around, and I will talk to you all again soon! :)

//Since some people have been asking where she is, this is from my Pepper’s personal blog. Nothing bad happened, she just gave up tumblr for Lent. (And is doing way better than I ever could, I think I have a problem.) I know a lot of you guys follow her and wanted to clear that up. Back to your regularly scheduled dashboards, Mun out.

Pepper where are you I miss you!!!

— Anonymous

Well, I’m not Pepper, but I can tell you she’s been really busy lately and asked me to jump on for a bit to let you guys know. She’s fine, and once everything stops filling her schedule she’ll be back. Promise.



Made this out of boredem. Can’t wait to see the movie!






We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film. The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.





Vibrant Sunset Off the Grid

I…I think I may be malfunctioning, sir.